About Us

Hi! Welcome to the Ivory Bill Woodpecker! We are delighted that you are here with us. Since you gave us some of you time, allow me to make it more worthwhile.

What Do We Do?

We are a company that works in the medical industry, and since we believe that medical help should not just be available within the four walls of hospitals and clinics, we decided, after years of planning and gathering resources, to put up something that will provide free information and access to the world of medicine. Sure, Google is here, but without small enterprises that provide the contents like us, you will never have something in your screen. Whether you are a medical practitioner or a normal person who needs some tips and advice for diagnosis and treatment, you need us and the services we offer here.

Why Trust Us?

Trust only the professionals! In our company, we give high regards to training and we make sure that all of our staffs are equipped with the right information to share to our clients and customers. While it is easy to fall prey to generic information you see anywhere on the Internet, you need to take note and take it seriously — that your health is in danger if you trust the wrong people. Since we are dealing with your body and health here, ensure that you have the right people helping you.

Why Free?

This is something that we are proud to say to all of our readers. While our clients enjoy the best and excellent services that we offer them, all of our readers and followers of our blogs also experience quality information for free! This is in line to the mission and vision of the company that we strive to attain and achieve since the beginning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform, share, and provide help to anyone that needs it. We believe that information is the key to a healthy body. This is why we make sure that our writers are also practicing in the medical world to ensure the quality of information they provide.

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