2005 Arkansas Duck Stamp Print with Ivory-bill Woodpecker

2005-06 Arkansas Duck Stamp art by Larry Chandler
has Ivory-billed Woodpecker added into Background!

Roll mouse on/off image to see added Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Move your mouse on and off to see Ivory-billed Woodpecker!
Move mouse on and off image detail to see hidden Ivory-billed Woodpecker!

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker was added to upper-left area in the design!

Detail of 2005 Arkansas Duck Stamp design. Detail of 2005 Arkansas Duck Stamp design.
Detail of Arkansas Duck Stamp design (left) & with Ivory-billed Woodpecker added (right).

The Story Behind The 2005-06 Arkansas Duck Stamp Design

Having knowledge to one of the greatest rediscoveries of our lifetime, I was sworn to complete secrecy by my good friend Bobby Harrison. Bobby is a fantastic birder and photographer. We have shared a long friendship and interest in wildlife and ornithology. After Bobby and Tim Gallagher's sighting of the long thought extinct Ivory-billed woodpecker, I was faced with the problem of sitting on the news. Boy, was that task ever tough. But I honored my promise and, in secret, I sketched and worked on a painting of a bird that I wondered if anyone would even recognize.

Having designed and painted the 1997 and 2000 Arkansas Duck Stamps with long time friend and publisher Larry Grisham, I was honored to be asked again in 2005 to try and do it again. The previous years had been quite successful because of the addition of duck hunting dogs into the design. So, this was the theme again for 2005. A Black Lab on a tree stand in flooded timber with Mallards coming in to land. I thought I had a different angle on the design by placing a hen mallard as the spotlight duck in the composition. I sent a preliminary sketch to Larry and kept my fingers crossed.

I also had a hunter and another drake mallard in the design to start with. After the regular haggling over the design, Larry convinced me to take the hunter and one of the drake mallards out, so the design was finalized and had been sent to the printing company. Larry Grisham is the best duck hunter I have had the privilege to hunt with. He is the perfect specimen of the traditional Arkansas Duck Hunter.

One morning in April, I received a very exciting phone call from my pal Bobby Harrison. "Larry Chandler", he said, "I am on my way to Washington DC, the genie is out of the bottle. Cornell Lab of Ornithology has arranged a press release about the rediscovery of the Ivory-Bill."

I sat glued to the TV for hours as report after report from all of the TV news networks announced the news of the rediscovery. I received a phone call from Cornell shortly after that, asking permission to use my painting of the Ivory-Bill they had seen on my web site. It was very exciting to see the story unfold and hope was found in a flash of black & white feathers in the Arkansas flooded timber.

I pondered this excitement for day or so until... POW! The idea came to me. Here is a painting of typical Arkansas flooded timber. If the bird has been hiding out there all these years in the swamp, why not hide one in the duck stamp painting, like a "Where's Woody?" type thing? I called Larry on the phone and ran the idea past him. The phone was silent for a minute. Expecting a major rejection, Larry came back with "Wow, that sounds great! Let me see if I can get it approved and I will call you back." It was a long wait, but Larry finally called back and said the powers that be had approved the idea and it was a Go!

Larry called the printer and stopped the presses. They shipped the painting back to me and the Ivory-bill was innocently hidden in among the trees - like it had been there all along. I hope that the design is embraced by the hunters and collectors of Arkansas and they realize how blessed they are to live in "The Natural State".

Larry Chandler, artist

2005-06 Arkansas Duck Stamp with Ivory-billed Woodpecker!
As it ended up, you CAN see Ivory-billed Woodpecker on a tree in the stamp (if you know where to look for it)!

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The Ivory-billed Woodpecker is now famous as a Ghost Bird?

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Ivory-billed Woodpecker Conservation Stamp Print Program

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